Mary  Fulford

An American girl, Mary Wilder White married George T Fulford in 1880. The Fulfords had three children -- Dorothy, Martha and George Jr. 

Fulford's good life ended much too soon. Acknowledged as the first Canadian auto accident victim, George T Fulford's chauffeured car was sideswiped by a streetcar in Newton, Mass., on October 13, 1905. Gravely injured, he died two days later. He was 53. 

Mary Fulford never remarried, but did not wander her massive home in lonely sorrow. Maintaining her friendships with the Liberal Prime Ministers of Canada.

Fulford Place,Brockville,Museum,Pink Pills for Pale People,Tourism,1000 Islands,Mary Fulford
Mary Wilder White Fulford (1856-1946)
 Mackenzie King
Prime Minister of Canada
December 17, 1874 – July 22, 1950
Etta Wriedt (1859-1942) an  American direct voice medium.

Mary Fulford and Prime Minister Mackenzie King visited spiritualists, fortune tellers and mediums together.

Mary Fulford introduced Mackenzie King to Etta Wriedt, a medium from Detroit.

Fulford Place,Brockville,Museum,Pink Pills for Pale People,Tourism,1000 Islands,Mackenzie King,Etta Wriedt,Joan Patteson
Rt. Hon. W.L. Mackenzie King with his dog Pat I and Etta Wriedt and Joan Patteson

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